Heralds' Point:
The Occasional Journal for the College of Heralds of Atlantia

From the Editor:

Unto all who read this missive, now and in the future, from Pedro de Alcazar, soon-to-be quondam Drekkar Herald and editor of Heralds' Point, greetings!

As some of you may have heard, I intend to step down from the post of Drekkar Herald at Storvik's Yule Revel early next year. After six years as Storvik's herald, I feel that it is time for someone new to enjoy the experiences that I have had as a baronial herald. It has been great, but I'd like to try other things. Editing a newsletter is still new to me, and I do not plan to relinquish my editorial job. In fact, I hope that I will be able to devote more of my time to Heralds' Point and to heraldic research after I am no longer the herald for Storvik.

I couldn't go to Pennsic this year, but I heard from people who did. It seems that there was a great deal of hard work done at Heralds' Point to help SCAfolk from all over the Known World. Vivat!

I heartily encourage everybody who can make the time to travel to my home barony, Storvik, on October 2, to attend the upcoming session of the University of Atlantia. This session will have a track of heraldic courses, including:

103 Heraldry 101 (Alleyne)
Introduction to SCA Heraldry, for both the new herald and those non-heralds interested in the subject. Topics discussed will include the history of heraldry, what heraldry is, the basics of blazon, and other topics.

203 Documenting Your SCA Name (Rowen ferch Rhys)
So, you've decided to take the plunge and submit your SCA name. The single hardest thing most people encounter in this process is documenting their name. Rowen will show you how to construct bulletproof documentation for your persona, and explain the submission process.

217 Consult Table Practicum I (TBD Triton Staff)
Learn how to run and staff a Heraldic Consultation Table, while being taught by some of Atlantia's finest heralds. No experience necessary! Class limited to 3 students!

303 Oyez, Oyez: How to Make Yourself Heard (Donal)
You don't have to be a Herald to need to be loud. This class will focus on the skills needed to effectively project your voice so you can be heard over the din of the battle, or in the back of the Court. Especially useful for those who need to be loud, Heralds, Marshals, future Royals or Barons, anyone is welcome.

403 How to be a Group Herald (Eogan)
So, you were out of the room and just got volunteered to be the Canton/Shire/Baronial Herald? Don't fret, Eogan will teach you the tools you need to be an effective Group Herald, including things like quarterly reports, dealing with Group Heraldic matters, and Calling a Court.

417 Consult Table Practicum II (TBD Triton Staff)
Learn how to run and staff a Heraldic Consultation Table, while being taught by some of Atlantia's finest heralds. No experience necessary! Class limited to 3 students!

503 How to Comment on the Atlantian ILOI (Golden Dolphin Staff)
Before they are passed on to the Society for registration, all submissions in Atlantia are reviewed on an internal Letter of Intent (ILOI). Learn how to acquire this letter, comment on the items there, and how the process works.

513 Understanding Rank, Titles, and Awards (Alienor)
Confused by coronets? Confounded by all the different ranks and titles and awards? Come learn what all that stuff means, and why it's nothing to be afraid of.

603 Heraldic Device Development for Young Pursuivants (Gunther von Lindenwald)
So, you've got Arms, and a 7 year old. How do you combine those two in a period fashion to say "This is my child", and encourage the child to get an interest in Heraldry. Topics such as historical cadency and the use of Heraldry by Children will be discussed.

I also would like to suggest that you come by the consult table, even when the class isn't being held. It has been my experience that that's one of the best places for heralds to catch the best gossip and, sometimes, good vittles. As the herald for the host group, I'll probably be spending a lot of my time there anyway...

Point of Fact

When heralds were installed in their offices in period, they were often "baptised". The new herald was called before his patron or his patron's deputy, and knelt before him. Then, his patron's senior herald named him by his title, and baptised him by pouring something over his head from a gilded cup. A pursuivant was baptised in water. A herald was baptised in wine. Then, the new officer of arms was presented with his symbols of office, the tabard and the wand, and took his place with his colleagues. Unlike heralds and pursuivants, a king of arms, appropriately enough, was crowned.

Heraldry is an art as old as Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and as young as the newest submission. I welcome you to join in exploring it with your colleagues, the heralds of Atlantia-this is your journal. If you have always wanted to write an article that would be read by every Atlantian herald, if you have a question you would like to ask of all the heralds of Atlantia, send me a message at pedro@scadian.net! I would prefer that any articles or other messages come as plain text (ASCII), as opposed to HTML or some other format. Thank you!

In Service,
Pedro de Alcazar, Drekkar Herald

Herald's Point is the newsletter for the members of the College of Heralds of Atlantia. Herald's Point is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) and does not delineate SCA policies. Herald's Point does delineate policies specific to the Kingdom of Atlantia. Copies of this newsletter are available from: Pedro de Alcazar (Craig Levin), 6700 Belcrest Road #1105, Hyattsville, MD 20782.