Heralds' Point:
The Occasional Journal for the College of Heralds of Atlantia

From the Editor:

Unto all who read this missive, now and in the future, from Pedro de Alcazar, the editor of Heralds' Point, greetings!

The snow and ice of winter have retreated to leave us all with the rain, muck, and promise of spring. Now is the time to make sure that your gear is all ready for the wonderful outdoors, especially your water bottle. Always remember: aqua amica tua est-water is your friend!

Consult Tables

As many of you know, Golden Dolphin has asked me to act as her deputy for consult tables in northern Atlantia. Consult tables are one of the best ways that we can help our fellow SCAdians, because most people will think about working with a herald while they're at an event, as opposed to some other time. Consult tables are great places for learning the ins and outs of book heraldry, so I would like to encourage every new herald to help out at any consult table that they find. As Golden Dolphin explained in her letter this month, my job is not to run every consult table in the area, but to help people set them up.

In order to take submissions, you need to be on the roster of heralds of the realm. If you aren't sure if you're on the roster, it is here. Please notify Triton if you're not on the roster, and you'd like to be. You'll need forms, which can be found here. In my experience, it's a good idea to have about a dozen copies apiece of the personal name, escutcheon, and badge forms in a binder or folder. You'll need a receipt book-if people are paying for something, they ought to get a receipt. I am willing to bring along my binder and receipt book, but these are the kinds of things that any herald ought to have.

I'd prefer that the local herald arrange with the event steward for chairs and tables, especially when the event will have a hall with its own furniture. Please let me know if the event steward is unable to provide you with furniture, and we'll think of something.

If you have books of your own or of your group, bring them! The more books we have, the more books we can use and the more books the clients can thumb through while they look for a name or work out a design. If your group has a copy of the SCA Ordinary and Armorial, definitely bring them along-conflict checking can often be the bottleneck in helping out our clients.

I hope that as we hold consult tables in the area, more and more of us will improve our libraries and build friendships. Atlantia's College of Heralds has a high reputation all over the Known World for its unity and its dedication to client service, and I would like to see it upheld.

News From Elsewhen: A History of the College of Heralds of Atlantia

Heralds have always been recorders of mighty deeds, but we ourselves are often left out of the tales. At the request of Eogan Triton, I am composing a history of the College of Heralds of Atlantia. I hope to put this history before the readers of Heralds' Point in installments, as such a history would be too large to be presented wholesale.

A View of the Present State of the College of Heralds of Atlantia

In order to understand where we come from, it is often best to understand where we are at. Like all of the Laurel Kingdoms, Atlantia has a principal herald, Triton, who is in charge of the college of heralds and who must oversee the performance of court, field, and book heraldry within the realm. Atlantia also has group heralds for all of the baronies, as mandated by Corpora, and many of the other groups also have heralds. There are also heralds who are part of Triton's staff, and heralds-at-large, who are neither attached to a group nor on Triton's staff. Atlantia's heralds are arrayed in five ranks, heading up from the rank of Cornet, through the Pursuivant Extraordinary, the Pursuivant, the Titled Pursuivant, to the Herald. Triton has the power to promote and demote members of the college and to give and revoke titles to pursuivants and heralds.

There are no regional sub-colleges, but Triton has deputies:

Point of Fact

Ever felt a bit apprehensive about waking people up in the morning at Pennsic or Kingdom Crusade? According to one chronicle of the First Crusade, the Gesta Francorum, one herald, Malacorona, had the unenviable task of waking up not just his personal encampment, not just his lord's company, but the entire Christian army at the seige of Nicaea!

Heraldry is an art as old as Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, and as young as the newest submission. I welcome you to join in exploring it with your colleagues, the heralds of Atlantia-this is your journal. If you have always wanted to write an article that would be read by every Atlantian herald, if you have a question you would like to ask of all the heralds of Atlantia, send me a message at pedro@scadian.net! I would prefer that any articles or other messages come as plain text (ASCII), as opposed to HTML or some other format. Thank you!

In Service,
Pedro de Alcazar, Drekkar Herald

Herald's Point is the newsletter for the members of the College of Heralds of Atlantia. Herald's Point is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) and does not delineate SCA policies. Herald's Point does delineate policies specific to the Kingdom of Atlantia. Copies of this newsletter are available from: Pedro de Alcazar (Craig Levin), 6700 Belcrest Road #1105, Hyattsville, MD 20782.