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Articles and Research Sites for Heralds

  • Rules of Submission (RfS) Illustrated

  • This article consists of the Armorial Section of the Rules for Submission (RfS) of the SCA College of Arms with illustrations added to help clarify the meanings of the rules. External Link

  • Making an Atlantian Ensign Tabard

  • Triton's article on how to make a herald's tabard in the Atlantian Ensign design widely employed by the Atlantian College of Heralds.

  • Making a Scroll Holder: The Quick and Easy Way

  • Sea Stag Pursuivant's article on how to make a scroll holder for transporting scrolls and keeping them organized (and protected) in court. External Link

  • The Academy of Saint Gabriel

  • The Academy is a group of around 50 volunteers who research medieval names and armory primarily to assist members of the SCA to find historically accurate medieval names and coats of arms. External Link

  • Wittsend Library Proper

  • by Master Eldred Ălfwald. Collection of Azure Dragon Herald's online reference materials produced for classes and workshops taught in the SCA; including articles written, and artwork created for various publications in the SCA. External Link

  • On Armorial Display...

  • by Master Eldred Ălfwald. Handout from University of Atlantia Class on armorial display in non-estucheon styles. External Link

  • Heraldry at Stefan's Florilegium

  • Lord Stefan li Rous' extensive collection of files assembled from various sources since joining the SCA in 1989. External Link

  • Modar's Heraldry Page

  • Baron Modar Neznanich's collection of articles and trivium for the edification of the members of the Barony of Forgotten Sea, its cantons, the Shire of C˙m an Iolair and the members of the SCA. External Link