Herald’s Point
Newsletter for the Heralds of the Kingdom of Atlantia
July AS XXXVI, being the 2001st year of Our Lord

Greetings to the heralds of Atlantia from Lord Michael Batcok, Triton.

Unless you only read your Acorn to get the event descriptions, everyone should be aware that I am in search for a new Golden Dolphin Herald. Lady Alanna has provided two good years of service to the College and Kingdom as Golden Dolphin Herald, but other commitments prevent her from taking another two years as Golden Dolphin. So, I am in search of candidates for the position of Golden Dolphin Submissions Herald. Below find attached a detailed description of the duties of the Golden Dolphin. Any questions about the job can be directed to myself, Lady Alanna, or to this list (which is populated by other former Golden Dolphin Heralds, and also a few former Triton Heralds who have done the submissions job before it was split off).

All formal bids are to be Postal Mailed to myself at my address listed in the Acorn.

Lord Michael Batcok
Triton Principal Herald


The Golden Dolphin Herald is the submissions herald for Atlantia. As such, this deputy kingdom officer is responsible for ensuring that the following duties are carried out. Please note that many of these duties can be delegated so G.D. does not have to **DO** all of them directly -- but G.D. is responsible for making sure that SOMEBODY does them.

1. Communication:

a. with Laurel and the College of Arms - Letters of Intent and Letters of Response, one per month. The preparation of these letters is currently done by G.D. but their distribution is contracted out to a private packet-mailing service.

b. with submitters - Letters of Notification, ASAP after decision by Golden Dolphin or Laurel. The preparation of these letters is currently being done by another herald.

c. with Atlantian heralds - Reports in Heralds' Point, one per quarterly issue.

d. with the Atlantian populace - Reports in the Acorn, as schedules allow; returns contain a 1 or 2 word synopsis of the reason.

e. with E-Atlantia - reports to the Atlantian email list (Merry Rose at Cheapside) and the Atlantian heralds email list; these reports may include the complete discussion of each submission if the list moderator allows it (for bandwidth purposes). In addition, a World Wide Web site may be maintained, containing (at minimum) these reports.

2. Research pursuant to the Letter of Intent. While the submitter holds primary responsibility for this, submitters often lack resources for doing a complete job. Therefore the G.D. office also is traditionally responsible for assisting submitters with certain things to the extent that the office's resources allow, meaning that G.D. is *not* required to consult references beyond his/her personal reference books and those belonging to the office. The topics generally brought up are:

a. Name documentation

b. Submission history (in Atlantia) for a submitter

3. Preparation of the monthly Submissions Packet to Laurel. Note: this is the stack of submissions forms and so forth that goes only to Laurel, *NOT* the Letters of Intent and Response covered in item 1-a.

4. Finances and Records:

a. timely deposit of checks received with submissions

b. accurate record-keeping of all submissions and funds received

c. ability to track submissions and give accurate status reports to submitters upon request

d. co-ordination with the Clerk of the Exchequer for the Atlantian College of Heralds account, for the preparation of quarterly account reports for submission to the Kingdom Exchequer.

5. Consult Table - provision of a heraldic consultation table at the following Major "Kingdom Level" Events:

a/b. Coronation (2/year)

c/d. Crown Tourney (2/year)

e. Twelfth Night

f. Unevent

g/h/i/j. University (2-4/year)

Wars are not included in the rotation. [At most weekend wars, the level of business at the table does not make it time or cost effective.] Triton may decide to hold an Atlantian consult table at the Pennsic War separate from the main table, which is NOT part of this rotation; but Golden Dolphin, IF present at Pennsic on the day of the table, is expected to be at the table.

Again, it is Golden Dolphin's job to perform some of these duties and delegate / co-ordinate the rest. The successful candidate should also have emergency deputies to handle the various jobs should something come up suddenly, but these can often be arranged after the start of G.D.'s tenure and are not be absolutely required as part of a bid.

Unto the members of the College of Arms and all others who may read this missive do Dame Elsbeth Anne Roth, Laurel Queen of Arms, and Master Pietari Pentipoika, Pelican King of Arms, send greetings.

The Next Laurel

The Board of Directors has selected my successor: I am pleased to announce that the next Laurel King of Arms will be Francois la Flamme. Francois stepped down as Star Principal Herald last year after a very successful term. He will be handling the administrative duties and has assembled a team to handle submissions. Mari Elspeth nic Bryan will serve as Pelican Queen of Arms and make name decisions, Zenobia Naphtali will make armory decisions (see the discussion of her title below), and Daniel de Lincoln will be Laurel Clerk and Keeper of the Records.

They will be making decisions as of the August LoAR, so as of now please send all submissions packets to:

Kathleen M. O'Brien
7323 Potters Trl
Austin, TX 78729-7777

Additionally, electronic copies of Letters of Intent, Comment, Response, et cetera, should be e-mailed to submissions@sca.org.

I hope that you will give them all the support you have given me and Pietari.

From Francois: Introduction

I am excited to have been designated the next Laurel and I look forward to the challenge of the office. You will notice a difference in the staff structure I am putting in place. The organization of my team is designed to distribute the work into manageable units that are focused on areas of interest and expertise. The decisions on name and armory submissions have been delegated, and I will be focusing on the communication and administration of the College. I will be ruling on name and armory appeals.

Many of you already know this team from their work in the CoA. Mari Elspeth nic Bryan has been an active commenter in the CoA for the last few years. She has published many articles on onomastics. Mari will be making the decisions on name submissions. Zenobia Naphtali has been active in CoA since 1988. Zenobia Naphtali will be making decisions on armory submissions. She has published papers on armory and compiled the precedents for two years of Da'ud ibn Auda's tenure as Laurel. Daniel de Lincoln has been tapped as the Laurel Clerk and Keeper of the Records. Daniel has also been active in the CoA for many years. Those who know Daniel know of his legendary attention to detail and precision. Every member of the team continues to participate in his or her Kingdom College of Heralds and is dedicated to helping our submitters. I have confidence that this team will keep the quality of the submission process at the high level we have become accustomed.

I have been active in the administration at all levels of the Ansteorran College of Heralds, including a recent term as the Star Principal Herald. I have been a consulting herald for the last ten years working at a local and Kingdom level. I believe that the success of heraldry in our Society comes from having effective communication from the local herald up to and including the CoA and providing education to the populace. My goal is to work with all the heralds in our Society and provide support and encouragement to the various Kingdom Colleges and the Society as a whole. Over the next few weeks I will be contacting each of the Principal Heralds to introduce myself and get to know you and the problems you are facing.

From Zenobia: Title for the Armorial Sovereign of Arms

We need a title for the Armorial Sovereign of Arms. The title will have to sound good on its own and in combination with a first name: William, who was Garter King of Arms, could be known as William Garter.

Preliminary research indicates that the majority of King of Arms titles (rather than Heralds' titles) are taken from place names, or derived from place names: Anjou, Clarenceux etc. The place names are usually references to the area assigned to that King of Arms, although they can be famous place names (Agincourt). King of Arms' titles are also taken from Orders, mottoes, and heraldic charges (from arms or badge).

The Herald and Pursuivant ranks add titles drawn from regalia items, and have a higher proportion of titles taken from heraldic charges.

Since the SCA already has Laurel and Pelican Sovereigns of Arms, many believe that the third title should refer to the Chivalry. "Chivalry King of Arms"/"William Chivalry" sounds funny to most on first hearing. It is however a plausible King of Arms formation, following the "motto style" or "Order name style" model.

Some titles allusive to the regalia of the Chivalry have been suggested. These would be more "pursuivant type" formations, but might not have the twitch factor that some have felt from "Chivalry". These have included:

If the Chivalry is not the source of the title name, the Order of the Rose could be used to generate a herald's title. "Rose" was a real-world pursuivant's title (no longer in use). It could be re-used by the SCA.

Your comments would be appreciated by 31 August. These preliminary comments will be used to generate a title submission, which will (of course) go through the usual submission process. Please send new suggestions and research, as well as comments on the material above (does the title need to reference the Chivalry at all? Does "Chivalry King of Arms" sound any more intrusive than "Laurel" or "Pelican"?) If you cannot send your comments in a standard Letter of Comment, please send your comments directly to me (Zenobia).

Reprinted from May 2001 Letter of Acceptances and Returns

The following items were ACCEPTED by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms at her May meeting:


Alleyne Blackburn. Device. Per fess rayonny sable and gules, two talbots statant counterstatant argent.

Amye of Newcastle Under Lyme. Name.

Anna Ridley. Badge. (Fieldless) A cinquefoil ermine.

Antonius Alvredus. Name change from Antonius of Cres and device change. Per chevron embattled sable and argent, two Norse sun crosses argent and a dragon segreant vert.

Submitted on the LoI as Antonius Alvredi, the submitter originally submitted Antonius Alvredus. Since Reaney and Wilson, A Dictionary of English Surnames, lists Willilmus Hermannus as a variant of Willelmus filius Hermanni, we can register the originally submitted form. His former name is released. His former device, Per pale wavy sable and argent ermined gules, a double bitted axe argent and another sable, is retained as a badge.

Atlantia, Kingdom of. Heraldic title Sackbut Herald.

Ebben Bassi. Name.

The article in Bahlow's Deutsches Namenlexikon is not quite clear on whether Ebben is in fact a form used as a given name or a patronymic byname. Since, however, Socin's Mittelhochdeutsches Namenbuch has Ebbinus as a given name, we can register this.

Gottfried von Mainz. Name (see RETURNS for device).

Submitted as Gottfried aus Mainz, no documentation was provided for the non-standard locative particle. We have therefore changed it to the common one.

Gwenllian ferch Gwilim. Name and device. Quarterly sable and argent, two estoiles argent within a bordure counterchanged.

Isabele Sutherland. Device. Quarterly purpure and sable, a Celtic cross within a bordure fleury Or.

Magdalena de Hazebrouck. Alternate name Madeline Flemyng.

Magnus Tindal. Name and device. Vert, two stags combattant argent.

This is clear of Mary Felix the Fool, Vert, two zebras combattant argent, striped sable. While there is not a CD for removing the stripes, zebras and stags are substantially different; therefore, the device is clear by RfS X.2, Difference of Primary Charges. Please instruct the submitter to draw the stags slightly smaller so that they fill the space without distortion.

Roxana Greenstreet. Name change from Anne Greenstreet.

Her former name is released.

Saint Georges, Canton of. Badge. (Fieldless) A stag's head erased gules.

The badge is clear of Rowena of Arundel, Barry wavy vert and argent, a brown stag's head erased proper. There is a CD for fieldlessness and another CD for changing the tincture of the primary charge.

Seaan Sabhaois. Name and device. Vert, a saltire Or between a broadarrow inverted and three delfs argent.

Submitted as Se{a'}n Sabhaois, he requested an authentic 15th century Irish name. We have therefore changed the spelling of the given name to match examples from the 15th century Annals of the Four Masters.

Ysoria filia Emery. Name.

Submitted as Ysoria fille Emery, we have changed the patronymic particle to the normal Latin/Norman form.

The following items were RETURNED by the Laurel Sovereign of Arms for futher work at her May meeting:


Gottfried von Mainz. Device. Argent, three dragon's heads erased gules, a bordure embattled vert.

Conflict with Llywelyn ap Gwyn of Anglesey, Argent, three dragon's heads couped within a bordure embattled gules. There is not a CD for erased vs. couped, thus there is only a single CD for changing the tincture of the bordure.

Unto the Crown, Heralds, and Populace of Atlantia, greetings from Lady Alanna Volchevo Lesa, Golden Dolphin Herald!

The following submissions for May 2001 were tentatively accepted and forwarded to Laurel Queen of Arms:

Anna Ridley. Device change resubmission.

Azure, a winged fish volant bendwise argent, a bordure compony vert and argent.

Caer Gelynniog, College of. Device resubmission.

Purpure, on a tower argent a laurel wreath vert, on a chief argent three apples vert.

Ciar ingen Irial. Name and device.

Per pale gules and sable, a unicorn rampant argent, overall a fess Or.

Dante di Pietro. Name.

Unfortunately the documentation doesn't justify "Pietra" as a name — "Maestri di Pietra e Legname" is translated immediately after the citation; it means " Masters of the Stone and Woodworkers [Guild]", not "Master Peter of the Woodworkers". We have therefore substituted Pietro as the nearest documentable equivalent.

Daria of Stierbach. Device change.

Per chevron inverted sable and vert semy-de-lys Or, in chief a bull's head jessant-de- lys Or.

Giovinna Mancuso. Device.

Per bend argent and purpure, a stalk of three gillyflowers purpure slipped vert and a decrescent argent.

Guillaume de Bracy. Name and device.

Counter-ermine, a caltrop and a bordure embattled argent.

Nikulai Ivanovich. Device change.

Or, on a bend cotised sable, three fox masks palewise Or.

{O'}l{a'}fr {U'}lfbrandsson. Name. (See Returns for Device.)

Ranald de Balinhard. Name and device.

Azure, in pale three ferrets courant argent.

Rowen the Shiftless. Device.

Per bend sinister Or and gules semy-de-lys Or, in dexter chief a leopard's head erased sable.

Steffan von Kiel. Name.

We were unable to document ‘Stefan' with only one ‘f' in German. Of the two documentable choices, ‘Steffan' and ‘Stephan', we have substituted the one that makes the least amount of change.

Thrandr Surtr. Name.

Tirloch of Tallaght. Badge.

(Fieldless) A bear passant bendwise sable.

The following submissions were Returned May 2001 for more work:

Friderich Mengo{sz} Chrypffs. Device resubmission.

Per fess wavy sable and barry wavy argent and sable, a lion-dragon erect Or.

This conflicts with Richard of the Silverdawn, March of 1990 (viaAnsteorra): Gyronny gules and ermine, a lion dragon erect Or. There is only one Clear Difference for the aggregate changes to the field. In addition, this also conflicts with a sea-lion. In returning a sea-dragon against a wyvern, Laurel Bruce Draconarius ruled: "The only difference between a wyvern and a sea-dragon is the exact shape of the tail's flukes, not enough for a CD." (Dugal MacTaveis, September, 1992, pg. 44) Since the elimination of the tail fluke isthe only difference between a sea-lion and your lion-dragon, this therefore conflicts with the badge for the Shire of Adamestor, registered in July of 1999 (via Drachenwald): (Fieldless) A sea-lion Or maned sable.

{O'}l{a'}fr {U'}lfbrandsson. Device.

Per saltire Or and sable, a cross of four Thor's hammers counterchanged. This device has a conflict whether we consider it as four charges (four hammers) or as one charge (a cross.) Against four charges is the device of Ulric Grimmheld, registered in November of 1984 (via the Middle): Per saltire Or and sable, in pale two hammers, hafts to center, and in fess two dragons displayed, heads respectant, counterchanged. There is only one Clear Difference for changing the type of half the charge group. Against one charge there is the device of Arval Benicoeur, registered in January of 1986 (via the East): Per saltire Or and sable, a cross patonce counterchanged. There is only one CD for changing the type of cross. If you reverse the tinctures of the field, these conflicts will be cleared. When you resubmit, please note that the handles of the Thor's hammers should not come to sharp points in the center.

Rose Morgan. Badge.

(Fieldless) On a lion dormant argent a harp azure.

Unfortunately, this lovely design is unidentifiable. At any distance the details of the harp disappear into the lion's mane and tail, and become just "something blue." If you use a less flamboyant lion, or have the lion holding a large harp, one of equal visual weight to the lion, this will be clear. We found no conflicts at this time.

Steffan von Kiel. Device.

Per chevron inverted sable and vert, a griffin's head erased Or.

Conflict with the badge of Cealmhain Realt Dubh, in February of 1981(via the West): Per pale sable and gules, a gryphon's head erased Or. There is only one Clear Difference for the aggregate changes to the field. When you resubmit, the ‘per chevron' lines should begin a bit lower down on the sides of the shield.

Thorfinn of Dun Carraig. Device resubmission.

Chevronelly Or and gules.

Withdrawn by the submitter.

- Alanna

From the Herald's Point Editor

Warm greetings this wonderful day from Lady Ceridwen merc Tudwal Penwyn!

Another quarter ends and another issue of Herald’s Point appears. Again, I resume my efforts in acquiring articles to fill the pages of this newsletter. Those that have articles written or just have an idea on an article, please send them in. If you have any suggestions on content for the newsletter, please contact me! I’m always open to comments and considerations.

The newsletter is available electronically at: http://herald.atlantia.sca.org.

All members who have email addresses are informed via email when the issue is available. Those who do not have web access will be mailed a copy.

The full College of Heralds of Atlantia Roster is available at http://herald.atlantia.sca.org.

If you have articles you wish printed in the October edition, please send them via email to ceridwen_ruad@yahoo.com as a text file or in Word.

Yours in service,

The Legal Stuff

Herald’s Point is the newsletter for the members of the College of Heralds of Atlantia. This is the July 2001 issue. This newsletter is published quarterly and is available from Lady Ceridwen merc Tudwal Penwyn (Jessica McMahan) 539 Argyle Terrace, Richmond, VA 23225. Herald’s Point is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) and does not delineate SCA policies. Herald’s Point DOES delineate Heraldic policies as they relate to the Kingdom of Atlantia. Corrections and updates should be sent to the Triton Principal Herald, Lord Michael Batcok