Herald’s Point
Newsletter for the Heralds of the Kingdom of Atlantia
October AS XXXV, being the 2000th year of Our Lord

Greetings from Rhiannon!

Now, I know you were all thinking I'd forgotten you, but that's simply not true! I could never forget my heralds...September has just been an unbelievably busy month, and not necessarily SCA-wise.

Saturday ends this quarter, so third quarter reports are due to me by October 31st. Please don't be late!

Sometime in late November, Their Majesties will choose my successor. This is really it. No matter who they choose this time, my warrant expires in January and I cannot be renewed again (at least not consecutively).If you are interested in putting in for the job, please see the brief description of requirements listed later in this issue. Please realize that this is just a *basic* outline. There is a lot more to the job than can be listed like this and knowledge of the way the heraldic process works and basic heraldry is vital. While it is very true that this position requires primarily administrative skills, I answer a LOT of heraldry and protocol questions, frequently on the run, when the person asking can't afford to wait until I could "get back to them". Questions come from all areas; other heralds,scribes in the process of doing last minute scrolls, members of the populace, royals, etc. This is not to discourage anyone from applying, but rather to advise that before you volunteer to take a position, ANY position, but especially a high-level position, you should investigate what it actually involves and entails. The worst disservice anyone can do to a group is to take a job they are not prepared to do and then, because of embarrassment, not let anyone know they are failing. That happens way too often. My first submissions herald had that problem, leaving us with a "black hole" of around 100 lost submissions. The College of Heralds lost the confidence of the populace and it took months of work to straighten out the missing subs and get everything back on track.

Having said all that, please remember that applications with resumes to be Triton need to be mailed to TRM's Anton and Emer only, by November 15th. Yes, mailed, not e-mailed. E mailed applications will not be considered. Hopefully, we will be able to announce something by UnEvent.

I am planning one last University tract for Spring University. I plan to have a full slate of classes, perhaps enough for 2 tracts. This is a great opportunity to get in that training you though you were missing, so watch for more info!

Be courteous; be helpful; be happy!


Applicants for Triton

Criteria for Applying:
Applicants must be sustaining members of SCA, Inc., receiving the Acorn at their homes. They need to have a strong understanding of Heraldry within the Society and will be required to pass a test from the Laurel Sovereign of Arms prior to warranting. They will have to be familiar with and abide by the Administrative Handbook (for the College of Arms) and the Rules for Submission, as well as Corpora and Kingdom Law. Applicants should submit in writing to the Crown, a bid outlining their goals and plans for completing the duties of the office.

Description of the Office:
The Triton Herald should be a good manager with superior people skills. Delegation is the key to success in the office. A strong voice or excellent projection skills and court presence are also assets, however, are not absolutely required, as it is the Crown's prerogative to use any herald they so desire for court.

The Triton Herald is a member of the SCA College of Arms and is expected to keep in contact with the Laurel Sovereign of Arms. The Triton Herald is also the Principal of the Atlantian College of Heralds and a member of Curia Regis. He/she is expected to attend Curia Regis and report to Their Royal Majesties or else provide a report with an appropriate proxy.

Triton is responsible for the day to day operation of the CoH, ensuring That all aspects of Heraldry are running smoothly throughout the Kingdom. These areas include, but are not restricted to, Submissions, Court Heraldry, Order of Precedence, Field Heraldry, Heraldic Education, Protocol and Ceremonies. Triton may appoint such deputies as he/she sees fit to assist with the Above aspects, but _final responsibility_ lies with Triton.

Triton is responsible for ensuring proper protocol and ceremony at all Kingdom events, and is expected to attend Coronation, Crown Tourney, UnEvent, 12th Night and any kingdom-sponsored heraldic symposia or training events. Triton is also expected to provide a heraldic class tract at University as often as is possible. Pennsic and Gulf Wars are events that are very important for Triton to attend, but are not mandatory.

Triton is responsible for reporting to the Pelican Sovereign of Arms on a quarterly basis and issues the Warrants for the heralds of Atlantia. Individual warrants are not issued, rather, we use a roster system, and a copy of the roster is presented to each Crown during their reign.

Triton is expected to understand and comply with the concept of confidentiality, both of the Crown and individual submitters. All communications with the Crown handled in an official capacity are confidential and should not be relayed further. In addition, submitters are afforded a right of confidentiality and their personal contact information is not distributed to persons not related to the submissions process.

Triton is expected to conduct his/herself in a manner benefiting a Great Officer of State at all times when acting in his/her official capacity.

Finally, Triton is a position requiring stability and ethics. There must not be an implication of conflict of interest, nor should Triton allow themselves to be influenced by higher ranking persons. Triton answers only to the Crown and to Laurel; no one else can dictate their actions.

Submissions Forms And Other Matters

Rhiannon's Words to Live By

Reiterate, reiterate, reiterate...

I realize that sometimes you guys must think that Mama Goldfish and I are the most redundant people in the world, however, it has been proved time and time again that refresher notes on even the most basic of procedures and rules is necessary. We had an example of that again this week.

We had a submitter who was very upset, not necessarily because his submission was returned, but because (1) Alanna stated that he could not be contacted to discuss the problem; and (2) because she said he had refused to permit major changes. In discussion with the submitter, we discovered the following:

A. He did not fill out the paperwork himself, but rather, the local herald did;

B. He never saw any copies of the paperwork and therefore, had no idea there were "change" options or what exactly they said.

He perceived Alanna's comments to mean he was difficult to work with, as opposed to the simple truth that this was an option on the form. His imagined insult might could have been avoided, had the local herald gone over and explained the forms AND provided the client with a copy. It didn't help that the local herald had taken over preparing the submission in November and the client considered it "in progress" the entire time, even though he had not paid his monies or approved the final product (once the local got all the kinks worked out and documentation assembled).

So, here's the redundant part:

1. Clients are responsible for documentation. If you can help with documentation, great. But don't let it delay the submission while you search for it. Give it back to the client and advise you cannot accept it until either they provide it or you can find it.

2. Do not accept any submissions without money. A submission is not "in process" until money has changed hands. Too many times, people drop a submission off, forget to write the check and then accuse the herald of 'delay'.

3. Do not accept money until you have all the paperwork/info needed from the submitter.

4. Once you have money, the submission MUST, MUST, MUST leave your hands within 2 weeks. There will be NO exception to this rule. To hold on to someone's money without giving service the service promised in a timely fashion is financial irresponsibility and perhaps, could even be considered fiscal mismanagement (embezzlement).

5. Clients MUST be provided with a copy of their paperwork. If they are making the copies, make sure they keep a copy for themselves.

6. Go over the paperwork with the client. Make sure they understand all the options with regard to change.

7. Go over the procedure with the client. Explain the timeline so that they understand when they should be hearing results and what's going on while they wait. Explain that Alanna does the LOI ONCE per month and that we don't/can't attempt to call people all month long to try and resolve questions. We make a reasonable attempt, but phone calls are not reimbursable for this office, so if she can't reach the submitter on the LOI date, then a judgment call has to be made and we move on.

Now, the upshot of all this is that it's important to be helpful, but sometimes, you can be TOO helpful, to the detriment of the CoH. This submitter thought his submission was 'in process', while the local was trying to help by assembling documentation, redrawing stuff, preparing forms, and even paying for the damn sub. However, when it didn't come out the way he wanted, he was angry, hurt and upset with "those damn heralds", because he didn't know/understand what was going on. So, instead of someone who would see Alanna's comments as stuff to work on, he saw them as challenges. This doesn't help us one bit.

So, once again, read #4. TWO WEEKS, folks! I don't want to hear of anybody holding submissions longer, even if you can't find the documentation to support the sub. Send it on and let kingdom worry about it. That's our job.

Don't let your desire to do somebody a favor damage the public image for all of us.


Rhiannon, Triton

From the Editor

Greetings all from Lady Mordeyrn Tremayne!

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In service to Crown and Kingdom,


The Legal Stuff

Herald’s Point is the newsletter for the members of the College of Heralds of Atlantia. This is the October 2000 issue. This newsletter is published quarterly (March, July, September, December) and is available from Lady Mordeyrn Tremayne (Angela Pincha-Neel) 125 Oakridge Ave, Fayetteville, NC 28305. Herald’s Point is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA) and does not delineate SCA policies. Herald’s Point DOES delineate Heraldic policies as they relate to the Kingdom of Atlantia. Corrections and updates should be sent to the Triton Principal Herald, Mistress Rhiannon Ui Neill.