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Creating an Order of Precedence

Download/print out the kingdom OP from the web page or ask another person with web access to help you with this.

Highlight the names of people who are in your group. Have someone else who has been in your group longer than you have also review this list. Remember that Atlantia does not delete people who have moved from its OP listing. Therefore there might be several individuals who are listed as being “of ” on the list. It is up to you whether you do or do not choose to list people who have moved from your group on your OP. The kingdom will carry them regardless.

Put the list of names in alphabetical order. Then compare these names with the SCA Armorial and make sure to have the correct spelling of all registered names. Also make sure you have the correct blazons for their registered devices.

Double check all names to see if anyone on your list got their award under a different name than they registered (for example if John of Bright Hills got his AoA and then registered his name as Antonio Rivera de Trujillo) and make note of that. All such instances of this sort need to be reported to the Kingdom Clerk of Precedence and Kingdom Clerk Signet as soon as possible. Additionally look at all the names to see if people are listed twice (such as Isabel of Arden-on-Severn and Isabelle of Arden-on-Severn). Please remember when doing court reports that all names need to be as correctly spelled as possible for the Kingdom Clerk of Precedence.

Compile the list of names with devices (when applicable) and awards in alphabetical order. Your basic OP listing will be done when this is finished.

To put this OP in precedence order, go through and first find all the people in your group who highest rank is that of a royal peer (duke/duchess, count/countess, viscount/viscountess) and make note of each peer and when he or she got raised to that rank. Do the same for all other ranks, making sure that you don’t list a person more than twice. Then put each individual rank in date order, making sure the person who has had the award the longest is #1. Keep going for each rank/award and then put the list together. You now have an OP in precedence order.

Make sure to maintain your OP list by adding awards as you become aware of people having received them. Also keep an eye on people who have awards but no registered names or armory so that if they do register a name or device you can add that to the list. Again if someone who has an award registers a different name than the one under which he or she an award then you need to inform the Kingdom Clerk of Precedence and Clerk Signet.

The OP by Rank

  • Dukes & Duchesses
  • Counts & Countesses
  • Viscounts & Viscountesses
  • Peerage Orders
    • Chivalry
      • Knights
      • Masters of Arms
    • Laurels
    • Pelicans
    • Order of the Rose
  • Territorial Barons & Baronesses
  • Kingdom Orders of High Merit (convey a GoA)
  • Grants of Arms
  • Kingdom Orders of Merit (convey a AoA)
  • Foreign Principality Orders of Merit
  • Foreign Baronial Orders of Merit
  • Supporters
  • Court Barons & Baronesses
  • Awards of Arms

  • Kingdom level awards that do not carry precedence
  • Principality level awards that do not carry precedence
  • Baronial level awards that do not carry precedence

Example of an (fictional) OP listing:

John the Smith.

    Argent, three lions passant gules within a bordure embattled sable.

      Companion of the Sea Stag 10/15/97
      Award of Arms (East) 8/10/95
      Kraken 4/25/96
      Companion of Job (Bright Hills) 6/11/98
      Service Award (Barony of Whatsit, East) 4/15/95

Please note that the current Kingdom Clerk of Precedence lists Atlantian orders and awards above foreign orders & awards when they rank the same, such as the Job of Bright Hills being listed above the Service Award of Whatsit. This does not affect the ranking of the awards when it comes to precedence or processions>.

(by Isabella Benalcázar, Rastrillo Herald)