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Roster of Warranted Heralds

This is the current roster of warranted heralds for the Kingdom of Atlantia. If your name does not appear on this list, you are not currently a warranted member of the Atlantian College of Heralds. You must be a warranted herald to conduct heraldic business, especially submissions. This roster is current as of 9 December 2017. To correct/change any information on this roster, please contact Kraken immediately.

  • Abigael MacDonald, Gordon Knot Pursuivant
    (SC) Nottinghill Coill | Primary | Eolian AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a dragon statant erect affronty, wings displayed argent, pierced through the chest with a sword sable within a bordure engrailed argent.
    Warrant Expires: 03/2018
  • Achbar ibn Ali, Pursuivant
    (NC) Charlesbury Crossing | At-Large | achbar AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a dragon statant erect affronty, wings displayed argent, pierced through the chest with a sword sable within a bordure engrailed argent.
    Warrant Expires: 10/2017
  • Aemelia Rosa , Undine Cornet
    (MD) Bright Hills | At-Large |
    BLAZON: Vert, a domestic cat's head cabossed ermine maintaing in its mouth an artist's paintbrush fesswise argent, a bordure ermine.
    Warrant Expires: 10/2019
  • Æsa gylðir, Goshawk Pursuivant
    (NC) Hawkwood | Primary | banrai AT
    BLAZON: Counter-ermine, a wolf rampant reguardant and in sinister chief a crescent, a bordure argent.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Ӕsa Þorarinsdottir, Cornet
    (NC) Windmaster's Hill | At-Large | ladyaesa13 AT
    BLAZON: Azure, a zephyr argent and a bordure rayonny Or.
    Warrant Expires: 11/2018
  • Agnete Köslin, Most Pursuivant
    (VA) Ponte Alto | Primary/STAFF | sqrybe AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a bear passant guardant and on a chief invected Or two hearts vert.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Albrecht Wellman , Cornet
    (NC) Middlegate | At-Large | eric.j.wellman AT
    BLAZON: Sable, within a serpent vorant of its tail argent enflamed proper a mullet of eight points pierced, a bordure argent.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Alexandria Wright, Silver Nautilus Herald
    (MD) Bright Hills | STAFF | alyx514 AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a three-tiered natural fountain argent between three harps Or
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Alisoun MacCoul of Elphane, Metron Ariston Herald Extraordinary
    (SC) Tear-Sea's Shore | At-Large | silverdragon AT
    BLAZON: Or, a black-figure neck-amphora, cracked in chief, proper.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2050
  • Andreas de Caunteton, Pursuivant
    (NC) Crois Brigte | Primary | scadiandreas AT
    BLAZON: Per pale azure and Or, a lion counterchanged
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Andrew of Skye, Sable Trident Cornet
    (VA) Marinus | Primary | hil4nder AT
    BLAZON: Per pall inverted gules, argent and pean, in chief two lions combattant counterchanged.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Angus Ó Coileáin, Cornet
    (OUT) Deployed out of Kingdom | IN AFGHAN... | wcollin1 AT
    BLAZON: Per saltire Or and gules, in pale two thistles and in fess two lions combattant, all counterchanged.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Beatrice Shirwod, Golden Dolphin Pursuivant
    (MD) Bright Hills | STAFF | spindlebird AT
    BLAZON: Quarterly Or and azure, an orle ermine.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2018
  • Bera inn svarta, Pursuivant
    (SC) Hidden Mountain | At-Large | ghostchicknc AT
    BLAZON: Or, a bear statant sable and in chief three crosses of Saint Brigid gules.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2018
  • Bran Trefonnen, Corvus Herald Extraordinary
    (OUT) of Kingdom | At-Large | bran AT
    BLAZON: Per pale argent and gules, a roundel indented counterchanged and overall a raven rising to sinister wings displayed within a bordure sable
    Warrant Expires 12/2050
  • Brynna of Aelfstanbury, Cornet
    (GA) Border Vale Keep | Primary | brynna29 AT
    Warrant Expires: 11/2017
  • Caitlin inghean Ui Ruaidrhi, Cornet
    (MD) Dun Carraig | At-Large | emorbaker AT
    Warrant Expires: 12/2019
  • Caitriona MacClane, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Greenlion Bay | Primary | stbdhead AT
    BLAZON: Vert, on a bend sinister between two horse's heads couped contourny argent, three thistles bendwise vert.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Cassandra Arabella Giordani, Bright Leaf Pursuivant
    (VA) Ponte Alto | STAFF | cassandra AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron embattled azure and argent, three annulets, one and two, argent and a rose proper
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Catalina Riquel de Luna, Pursuivant
    (SC) Marinus | On Hold (Landed Baroness) | spanishbutt AT
    BLAZON: Sable, a winged stag rampant contourny and in sinister chief a moon in its plenitude argent
    Warrant Expires: 9/2016
  • Catguistl of Tintagol, Herring/Silver Shark Pursuivant
    (SC) Cydllan Downs | STAFF | catguistl AT
    BLAZON: Purpure, a gurges and a bordure argent
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Catherine Ambrose, Ibis Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (NC) Middlegate | STAFF | catherine.ambrose85 AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron argent crusilly flory azure and azure, a Catherine wheel argent.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2018
  • Cecily Goshawke, Cornet
    (MD) Bright Hills | At-Large | cecilygoshawke AT
    BLAZON: Azure, a goose rousant Or, a ford proper.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Ceridwen ferch Owain, Pursuivant
    (MD) Dun Carraig | At-Large | lgoldman05 AT
    BLAZON: Per pale gules and pean, a gryphon segreant argent, on a chief embattled counterchanged, three goblets argent
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Ceridwen Thomas of Taylorwood, Coral Branch Pursuivant
    (NC) Crois Brigte | STAFF | ceridwentaylorwood AT
    BLAZON: Per pale vert and argent, a dexter hand apaumy and a sinister hand inverted aversant counterchanged
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Cezilia of Macao, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Roxbury Mill | Deputy | AT
    BLAZON: Per pale vert and gules, all semy of borage blossoms argent.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Christoph Gir, Dolmen Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (NC) Sacred Stone | Primary | cd_stocker AT
    Warrant Expires: 11/2017
  • Christopher MacConing, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Dun Carraig | Deputy | cunning.christopher AT
    BLAZON: Per pale azure and argent, a tower Or and on a chief sable three garbs Or
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Cian mac Ceallacháin Uí Dubhlaich, Triton
    (SC) Nottinghill Coill | STAFF | cian AT
    BLAZON: Vert, on a bend sinister cotised between two sheaves of arrows Or a stag’s head erased affronty vert
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Closa di Tomaso, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (VA) Ponte Alto | At-Large | moxispilot AT
    Warrant Expires: 08/2017
  • Cristobal Espada de Avalos, Silver Osprey Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Dun Carraig | Deputy | c.jnehl AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron inverted vert and azure, a serpent nowed contourny and a tower Or.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Daniela Schwartzhaupt, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Bright Hills | At-Large | feymaker AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a domestic cat sejant between three needles bendwise sinister argent.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Deirdre O'Bardon, Northern March Pursuivant
    (MD) Bright Hills | Primary | deirdre_obardon AT
    BLAZON: Purpure, on a bend between two harps Or a quill pen purpure
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Dietrich Saphir zum Drache, Cornet
    (VA) Stierbach | At-Large | mlsheppard2760 AT
    BLAZON: Per bend gules and azure, a dragon breathing flames Or and in bend two dogs rampant argent.
    Warrant Expires: 12/1017
  • Donal Mac Ruiseart, Narwhal Pursuivant
    (VA) Marinus | STAFF | goldanchors AT
    BLAZON: Or, on a saltire gules four anchors Or
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Donngal mac Ronain, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (SC) Saint Georges | At-Large | drakedawson AT
    BLAZON: Per bend sinister embattled sable and Or, in pale two lozenges Or and sable.
    Warrant Expires: 08/2017
  • Dreux d'Anjou, Cornet
    (SC) Ritterwald | At-Large | dreux.danjou AT
    BLAZON: Azure, on an ermine spot argent two annulets interlaced in fess azure
    Warrant Expires: 11/2018
  • Eadwyn Inhold, Black Lozenge Cornet
    (VA) Black Diamond | Primary | marjorie.coates AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron gules and purpure, a chevron cotised between in dexter chief a castle and in base a sprig of two oak leaves fesswise fructed Or.
    Warrant Expires: 07/2019
  • Eadyth Woderose, Cornet
    (VA) Caer Mear | Deputy | hackettrm AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron argent and sable, two pomegranates gules seeded Or slipped and leaved vert and a stag passant argent.
    Warrant Expires: 03/2019
  • Elena Modarova vnuka, Cornet
    (VA) Isenfir | At-Large | dorathalia AT
    BLAZON: Azure fretty, flaunches argent.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2018
  • Eoin mac Èadbháird, Sea Castle Pursuivant
    (VA) Caer Mear | Primary | neverking AT
    BLAZON: Per bend azure and vert, an armillary sphere Or and an open book argent.
    Warrant Expires: 06/2017
  • Estienne Le Mons de Anjou, Sea Stag Herald
    (SC) Ritterwald | STAFF | sea.stag.herald AT
    BLAZON: Argent, on a fleur-de-lys vert two annulets interlaced in fess argent
    Warrant Expires: 03/2019
  • Evan da Collaureo, Sackbut Herald Extraordinary
    (VA) Stierbach | At-Large | damont AT
    BLAZON: Per fess gules and sable, on a mountain of three peaks couped Or a sackbut fesswise, bell to sinister sable, for augmentation in canton a portcullis Or
    Warrant Expires: 12/2050
  • Fergus of Hanna, Herald
    (MD) Highland Foorde | At-Large | fergushanna AT
    BLAZON: Purpure, on a chevron argent between three swords proper, a cross formy gules
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Fine ingen Tomaltaig, Pursuivant
    (NC) Windmasters' Hill | At-Large | quilldriver AT
    BLAZON: Azure, three bendlets wavy argent
    Warrant Expires: 09/2018
  • Fionn MacKonnell, Pursuivant
    (NC) Hawkwood | At-Large | kseuss42 AT
    BLAZON: Per fess azure and checky argent and azure, on a fess argent two dice azure marked argent.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Gabriel James West, Cornet
    (NC) Middlegate | At-Large | ejwest24 AT
    BLAZON: Argent, three bendlets enhanced and on a chief vert a keythong passant argent.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2019
  • Gabrielle Sendel, Alcyon Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (VA) Tir-y-Don | STAFF | NanASL AT
    BLAZON: Azure, in pale a double rose Or seeded sable and a hand Or.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Gaston Valmont, Herald
    (NC) Windmaster's Hill | At-Large | BaronGaston AT
    BLAZON: Per pale vert and azure, a chevron between two decrescents and a quatrefoil argent.
    Warrant Expires: 09/2017
  • Geneviefve d'Estelle, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (NC) Kapellenberg | At-Large | eturner AT
    BLAZON: Per pale vert and azure, a chevron between two decrescents and a quatrefoil argent.
    Warrent Expires: 1/2017
  • Genevieve d'Aquitaine, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Lochmere | Deputy | jenthies AT
    BLAZON: Per fess argent and vert, a rose gules between three fleurs-de-lys counterchanged.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Geoffrey d'Ayr of Montalban, Herald
    (SC) Tear-Sea's Shore | At-Large | rob.martin.bishop AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a pall inverted between two crosses of Cleves Or and a sword proper
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Ginevra Flammetta di Silvestri, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (VA)Caer Mear | Deputy | elm8wq AT
    Warrant Expires: 10/2017
  • Gisela vom Kreuzbach, Herald Extraordinary
    (NC) Crois Brigte | At-Large | gisela.vomkreuzbach AT
    BLAZON: Or, a garb gules atop a trimount sable.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2050
  • Glynis Gwynedd, Herald
    (MD) Highland Foorde | At-Large | ylandra AT
    BLAZON: Argent, on a tree eradicated proper a harp Or, a bordure wavy vert.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Godric Linch, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Highland Foorde | At-Large | gabriel.digennaro AT
    BLAZON: Azure, a chevron Or between two quatrefoils argent and a lion dormant Or.
    Warrant Expires: 08/2017
  • Grainne inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Cornet
    (MD) Spiaggia Levantina | Primary | tkellystudio AT
    BLAZON: Per pale gules and argent a crab counter changed on a chief purpure with three moons in compliment argent
    Warrant Expires: 01/2018
  • Grim kirk of Greymoor, Cornet
    (VA) Ponte Alto | At-Large | grimkirk AT
    BLAZON: Purpure, a bend sinister sable fimbriated between a stag's massacre Or and a fleur-de-lys, all within a bordure argent.
    Warrant Expires: 08/2017
  • Herveus d'Ormonde, Herald Extraordinary
    (MD) Storvik | At-Large | herveus AT
    BLAZON: Vairy sable and argent, a phoenix gules rising from flames proper within a bordure gules
    Warrant Expires: 12/2050
  • Hróðný Rognvaldsdóttir, Nereid Herald Extraordinary
    (VA) Marinus | STAFF | online2much AT
    BLAZON: Per saltire Or and argent, a rose between four rowan trees eradicated proper
    Warrant Expires: 12/2050
  • Ii Saburou Katsumori, Pursuivant
    (VA) Stierbach | At-Large | tatsushu AT
    BLAZON: Argent, a Japanese well frame crosswise between four crescents in cross horns inwards conjoined gules.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Ingegerd Kastanrazi, Pursuivant
    (NC) Cathanar | At-Large | kateheartsart AT
    BLAZON: Gules, an hourglass argent between three suns Or.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • James of Carinthia, Cornet
    (VA) Stierbach | At-Large | bjz114 AT
    BLAZON: Bendy sinister Or and azure, a fox gules and a wingless griffin argent combattant.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2019
  • James of Middle Aston, Herald
    (NC) Buckston-on-Eno | Primary | middleaston AT
    BLAZON: Azure, a pile inverted invected argent between two mullets Or.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Jonet Nycholl, Cornet
    (NC) Windmaster's Hill | At-Large | redvelvetleaf AT
    BLAZON: Argent, a fox courant to sinister gules and on a chief enarched vert two crescents argent.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2019
  • Jorunn nic Lochlainn, Cornet
    (SC) Hidden Mountain | At-Large | cathiebrailey AT
    BLAZON: Azure, on a pale Or between a pair of gloves argent, a sword gules
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Lochlainn hua Rigbarddain, Pursuivant
    (NC) Raven's Cove | Primary | captjhym AT
    BLAZON: Quarterly embattled sable and argent, two dogwood blossoms argent and two Maltese crosses sable.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Lothian ap Lyonesse, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (NC) Raven's Cove | Deputy | <"a href="mailto:swamplane AT" target="_blank">swamplane AT
    BLAZON: Or, on a chief gules, a lion passant gardant Or.
    Warrant Expires: 06/2017
  • Lucien de La Rochelle, Herald
    (SC) Nottinghill Coill | On Hold (Landed Baron)| jimlooper AT
    BLAZON: Gules, on a pale between two seadogs combattant Or two fleurs-de-lys gules
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Maaline Renard, Pursuivant
    (VA) Black Diamond | At-Large | nikki.r.a.early AT
    BLAZON: Argent, a fox's mask gules between three quivers vert each containing two arrows sable
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Maire inghean Dhunchain mhic Oisdealbhaigh, Pursuivant
    (MD) Lochmere | At-Large | mcostello AT
    BLAZON: Vert, on a fess between six mascles fesswise argent, three mullets sable.
    Warrant Expires: 02/2018
  • Margaret Cochrane, Pursuivant
    (NC) Kapellenberg | At-Large | margaretcochrane AT
    BLAZON: Quarterly sable and gules, in pale two feathers fesswise argent
    Warrant Expires: 10/2017
  • Marie Hélène of the New Forest, Pursuivant
    (SC) Cydllan Downs | At-Large | feo2mouse AT
    BLAZON: Argent, in pale two winged cats courant countercourant sable
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Marryn Blackgroves, Goshawk Herald
    (NC) Hawkwood | Primary | marryyn AT
    BLAZON: Per pale purpure and sable, a unicorn's head couped argent armed Or within a bordure wavy argent semy of oak leaves sable
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Matthias von Oldenburg, Pursuivant
    (MD) Dun Carraig | At-Large | jsfrodo AT
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Maven Whitlocke, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (VA) Abhainn Iarthair | At-Large | sk8maven AT
    BLAZON: Or, on a bend azure, cotissed gules, between two cinquefoils azure pierced Or, three hawks' bells Or
    Warrant Expires: 07/2017
  • Meleri ferch Iasper ad Dafydd Du, Cornet
    (VA) Stierbach | At-Large | henderson.sharon AT
    BLAZON: Argent, on a bend azure between six crosses crosslet gules, a lion dormant argent.
    Warrant Expires: 06/2018
  • Michael Batcok, Gallo Canente Herald
    (VA) Marinus | At-Large | batcok AT
    BLAZON: Barry of four vert and argent, a dunghill cock and a bordure gules
    Warrant Expires: 12/2050
  • Morgan MacDonald MacCrae, Cornet
    (SC) Tear-Sea's Shore | At-Large | mejanprince AT
    BLAZON: Azure, a crescent argent, overall an arrow palewise inverted Or.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2019
  • Niccolina the Wanderer, Hippocampus Pursuivant
    (NC) Middlegate | At-Large | niccolina_mann AT
    BLAZON: Per bend sable and purpure, a decrescent and a mullet argent
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Olivia Isabelle, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (VA) Caer Mear | At-Large | belles15 AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron wavy azure and argent, a columbine slipped and leaved azure within a bordure purpure
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Oriana of Xylina, Pursuivant
    (VA) Tir-y-Don | At-Large | orianax AT
    BLAZON: Gules, a blonde mermaid maintaining a casket and mirror all proper, a chief wavy Or fretty sable
    Warrant Expires: 05/2017
  • Patricia of Trakai, Pursuivant
    (MD) Storvik | Primary | patoodle AT
    BLAZON: Gules, a comet fesswise reversed and on a chief Or three mullets vert
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Patris de Terra Lepori, Marlow Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (SC) Hidden Mountain | Primary | pdavidc222 AT
    BLAZON: Argent, three pheons gules and a chief paly Or and gules.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Philipp Hartrat, Pursuivant
    (MD) Greenlion Bay | STAFF | revkeith54 AT
    BLAZON: Lozengy sable and argent, a cross vert and a bordure sable
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Prudence the Curious, Pursuivant
    (NC) Aire Faucon | At-Large | prudencecurious AT
    BLAZON: Vert, an egg argent and a chief embattled Or
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Ragnar Leifsson, Red Shark Pursuivant
    (VA) Caer Mear | STAFF | loraxft AT
    BLAZON: Per pale argent and azure, a goblet between in fess two ivy leaves, its foot within two antlers crossed at the roots in saltire, all counterchanged
    Warrant Expires: 03/2019
  • Ragnarr Blackhammer, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Dun Carraig | At-Large | dukeragnarr AT
    BLAZON: Per pale gules and sable, a lion rampant Or charged on the shoulder with a hammer sable.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Reginald de Beauchamp, Green Shark Pursuivant
    (NC) Middlegate | STAFF | reginald1500 AT
    BLAZON: Per pale Or and vert, two axes counterchanged and on a chief azure a straight trumpet Or
    Warrant Expires: 09/2017
  • Rhiannon Morgaine, Kraken Herald
    (VA) Marinus | STAFF | kraken.herald AT
    BLAZON: Argent, a dragon purpure between four roses in cross proper.
    Warrant Expires: 10/2017
  • Rhiannon of Raven's Cove, Golden Raven Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (NC) Raven's Cove | Primary | smithla08 AT
    Warrant Expires: 06/2018
  • Rhiannon ui Neill, Azure Decrescent Herald
    (NC) Hawkwood | At-Large | brcurry AT
    BLAZON: Azure, on a chevron cotised between three birds displayed facing sinister argent three decrescents sable
    Warrant Expires: 12/2050
  • Richard Wyn, Cornet
    (MD) Bright Hills | Primary | RickWyn1 AT
    BLAZON: Per pale azure and Or, an annulet within a bordure embattled counterchanged.
    Warrant Expires: 12/2017
  • Roibeard mac Oscar, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (SC) Tear-Sea's Shore | Primary | gstanley1 AT
    BLAZON: Per bend vert and azure, a mullet of four points per bend Or and argent between in bend sinister a stag salient Or and a natural dolphin urinant bendwise argent
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Rycherd of Caistron, Compass Star Pursuivant
    (MD) Highland Foorde | Primary | minmax AT
    BLAZON: Per bend sinister argent and azure, a Latin cross bottony and a griffin segreant within a bordure potenty, all counterchanged.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Sabine Berard, Pursuivant
    (MD) Bright Hills | At-Large | sabine AT
    BLAZON: Per bend sinister azure and argent, a dragon segreant counterchanged maintaining in its sinister claw a bezant.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Santiago Xaviar, Cornet
    (MD) Roxbury Mill | Primary | ignorance AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a bull's head cabossed and on a chief argent two dunghill cocks respectant sable.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Sara Nayl Bendare, Steinmauer Pursuivant
    (VA) Stierbach | Primary | snb.sara AT
    BLAZON: Per pall argent, azure and vert, a bear sejant erect Or maintaining a rose slipped and leaved proper, a chief sable
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Séamus Blær de Maxwell, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (SC) Cydllan Downs | Primary | maxblair AT
    Warrant Expires: 07/2017
  • Seraphina Delfino, Herald
    (VA) Marinus | At-Large | lizhanes AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron ployé throughout purpure and vert, in base a natural dolphin haurient argent
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Shannon inghean Bhriain uí Dhuilleáin, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Lochmere | At-Large | saddare_stormsiste AT
    BLAZON: Azure, a dog's head couped contourny between three mullets and on a chief argent three shamrocks vert.
    Warrant Expires: 02/2017
  • Sigrid Briansdotter, Partan Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (MD) Lochmere | Primary | sigridkitty AT
    BLAZON: Vert, a serpent nowed in a Heneage knot inverted wthin an orle of birch leaves argent.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Sine ní Dheaghaidh, Pursuivant
    (NC) Crois Brigte | At-Large | sinebee AT
    BLAZON: Per pale azure and argent, a honeybee counterchanged
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Siobhan Mac Eachiadh, Cornet
    (NC) Crois Brigte | Deputy | traceyhd1 AT
    Warrant Expires: 12/2019
  • Tala al-Zahra, Cornet
    (MD) Storvik | At-Large | talaalzahra AT
    BLAZON: Argent, an olive tree fructed and eradicated and a bordure gules.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Talorgen nepos Wrguist, Herald
    (NC) Aire Faucon | At-Large | randy AT
    BLAZON: Sable, a drakkar under full sail and on a chief argent three crescents gules
    Warrant Expires: 02/2018
  • Tankred Bras-de-Fer, Opal/Boreas Pursuivant
    (NC) Windmaster's Hill | Primary & STAFF | tankred AT
    BLAZON: Purpure, a chevron ployé between two leopards' heads jessant-de-lys and an acorn inverted Or
    Warrant Expires: 02/2019
  • Thylacinus Aquila of Dair Eidand, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (SC) Tear-Sea's Shore | Primary | thylacine AT
    BLAZON: Argent, between two barrulets sable a thylacine couchant gardant proper, orbed and langued gules, all between in pale two lotus heads azure.
    Warrant Expires: 01/2019
  • Trystan ap Morgan, Cornet
    (SC) Misty Marsh by the Sea | At-Large | trystan.ap.morgan AT
    BLAZON: Sable, a wolf rampant argent and in base on a key cross Or a cross clechy gules
    Warrant Expires: 05/2018
  • Vincenzo d'Este, Pursuivant
    (NC) Sacred Stone | At-Large | AT
    BLAZON: Azure, a bat winged man statant affronty wings displayed atop a trimount, on a chief argent a double-headed eagle.
    Warrant Expires: 05/2017
  • Vittoria Cavalieri, Pursuivant Extraordinary
    (VA) Marinus | At-Large |
    BLAZON: Azure, a sea-griffin and on a chief argent three Latin crosses flory azure
    Warrant Expires: 01/2017
  • William Costello, Shark's Tooth Pursuivant
    (SC) Tear-Sea's Shore | STAFF | abbottcostello AT
    BLAZON: Argent, two natural dolphins embowed addorsed tails in saltire and a base engrailed azure.
    Warrant Expires: 02/2019
  • Wulfstan Egweald, Cornet
    (NC) Charlesbury Crossing | At-Large | baronwulf AT
    BLAZON: Per chevron sable and Or, two wolves combattant and a tower counterchanged.
    Warrant Expires: 04/2018
  • Wynne ferch Rhodri, Blue Shark Herald
    (MD) Bright Hills | STAFF | jay_wynne AT
    BLAZON: Per pale purpure and Or, two cats sejant erect respectant and a roundel counterchanged.
    Warrant Expires: 03/2018