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Policies of the Triton Principal Herald

The Policies of the Atlantian College of Heralds can also be found at the Clerk of Law page in the Atlantian Book of Policy in either HTML or PDF; including procedures for becoming a warranted Atlantian herald.

2. Policies of the Triton Principal Herald

    2.1 Structure

      2.1.1 The Triton Principal Herald is the administrative head of the Atlantian College of Heralds and Scribes, and is warranted jointly by the Crown of Atlantia and the Society Herald as a Great Officer of State.

      2.1.2 The Triton Principal Herald is responsible for overseeing heraldic and scribal activities within the Kingdom, and for reporting to the Crown of Atlantia and the Society Herald as a Great Officer of State.

      2.1.3 Triton’s Staff consists of the Golden Dolphin Herald, the Finsterwald Pursuivant, and the Undine Pursuivant, as well as any other heralds who may be named to Triton’s Staff for such purposes as deemed necessary. The Golden Dolphin Herald is in charge of submissions of names and armory for the Kingdom of Atlantia. The Golden Dolphin Herald is warranted jointly by the Crown of Atlantia and the Triton Principal Herald as an Officer of State. The Finsterwald Pursuivant is the Clerk of the Order of Precedence, and is in charge of the recording of awards given by the Crown of Atlantia, and in maintaining the Order of Precedence. The Finsterwald Pursuivant is warranted jointly by the Crown of Atlantia and the Triton Principal Herald as an Officer of State. The Undine Pursuivant is the Clerk of the Signet, and is in charge of overseeing the production of scrolls in the Kingdom, as well as any other Kingdom documents that may be requested by the Crown. The Undine Pursuivant is warranted jointly by the Crown of Atlantia and the Triton Principal Herald as an Officer of State.

      2.1.4 The Atlantian College of Heralds and Scribes consists of the Triton Principal Herald, Triton’s Staff, and all warranted heralds and scribes in the Kingdom of Atlantia. The current structure of the College can be found on the Atlantian College of Heralds website (

    2.2 Purpose

      2.2.1 The Atlantian College of Heralds and Scribes exists to provide heraldic and scribal services to the Crown and the people of Atlantia; to allow individuals interested in heraldry and scribal arts to improve their knowledge and skills while serving the Kingdom; and to continue to advance the Kingdoms and the Society’s knowledge and practice of heraldry and scribal arts.

    2.3 New Groups

      2.3.1 When a new branch is being formed, it is suggested that the group’s proposed seneschal or herald contact the Triton Principal Herald at the same time that they contact the Kingdom Seneschal for necessary paperwork. As a new branch needs both a name and a device, Triton can then work with the group to come up with registerable items.

    2.4 Warranting

      2.4.1 Each barony or larger branch in the Kingdom of Atlantia must have a warranted herald as an officer. It is suggested that all branches maintain a warranted, local herald.

      2.4.2 To become a warranted herald in the Kingdom of Atlantia, a letter of request should be sent to the Triton Principal Herald stating an intention to be a warranted herald. An email letter is acceptable. This letter of request must include the following information:

        • Modern name
        • SCA name
        • Full mailing address
        • Telephone number
        • Email address
        • SCA membersip number and expiration date.

        SCA Membership is required for all branch heralds, per Kingdom law. At-large heralds are not required to be SCA members, but they are highly encouraged to be.

      2.4.3 Branch heralds should include a letter from the outgoing herald stating that it is his/her intention to resign, and/or a letter from the seneschal confirming the branch’s request for a warranted herald. This can all be one letter signed by the appropriate parties. An email letter is acceptable.

      2.4.4 Triton may also warrant interested individuals as heralds-at-large. At-large heralds are not officers of a branch. They report directly to Triton.

      2.4.5 Warrants consist of two-year terms that are renewable upon request assuming previous positive representation of the College and SCA heraldic arts. It is recommended that branch heralds not serve more than two consecutive terms. Exceptions must be approved by Triton.

      2.4.6 In order to maintain their warrant, heralds must complete one hour of continuing education approved by Triton in each calendar year.

      2.4.7 Warrants may be removed for just and stated cause by Triton. The Crown must be consulted if it is deemed necessary to revoke warrants for Officers of State (Golden Dolphin, Finsterwald, and Undine).

    2.5 Quarterly Reports

      2.5.1 All warranted heralds must file quarterly reports to maintain their warrants. Quarterly reports are sent to the Reporting Herald (Kraken) and to Triton, with courtesy copies going to the appropriate branch seneschals, if applicable.

      2.5.2 Reports are due on the following schedule:

        Quarter Quarter Covers: Report Due By:
        1st Jan 1 - Mar 31 Apr 30
        2nd Apr 1 - Jun 30 Jul 31
        3rd Jul 1 - Sep 30 Oct 31
        4th Oct 1 - Dec 31 Jan 31

      2.5.3 An online report form can be found on the Atlantian Herald’s website ( If any herald is unable to use the online form, they should contact Kraken or Triton directly.

      2.5.4 Missing two reports in a row is considered grounds for removal of warrant.

    2.6 The College of Heralds

      2.6.1 All warranted heralds are representatives of the College of Heralds & Scribes. Branch heralds are the representatives of the College of Heralds & Scribes for their branch and the primary point of contact for heraldic matters.

      2.6.2 Branch heralds or their deputies should attempt to attend local meetings and/or events to be available to answer heraldic questions and help with local submissions. If the local herald does not know the answer to the question, he or she should direct any inquiries to Triton Staff for answers.

      2.6.3 When processing submissions, branch and at-large heralds should check them for completeness before accepting payment. This includes the correct number and type of forms, documentation, and the payment of correct fees. If possible, the herald should also check submissions to make sure they meet all of the Society’s requirements and notify the submitted of any potential problems. Submission fees and types of payment are referenced in the Submission Procedure of these policies.

      2.6.4 The receiving herald must forward submissions and payments to Golden Dolphin in a timely manner, not to exceed fourteen (14) days.

    2.7 Submission Procedure

      2.7.1 All Atlantian submissions should be made with the assistance of a warranted Atlantian herald, or from an approved consult table in order to reduce the number of corrections Golden Dolphin must make. Exceptions to this procedure can be made only on a case-by-case basis.

      2.7.2 Given the changing nature of submissions requirements as the College of Arms makes better use of current technologies, the most up-to-date Atlantian submissions requirements can be found on the Atlantian Heralds Web Page at

      2.7.3 The cost of a submission, which must be included with the submission, is $10.00 per submission element (name, device, badge, etc.). Submission packages with insufficient monies, with an insufficient number of forms, with illegible forms or forms that are not filled out with dark ink will be returned to the submitting herald.

      2.7.4 No submission is complete without payment of the appropriate fees. Fees may be paid by a check or money order from the submitter made out to "SCA Inc., College of Heralds of Atlantia." Any other form of payment (e.g., cash) must be made through an authorized Society bank account with the amounts shown in quarterly reports as a transfer to the College of Heralds of Atlantia.

      2.7.5 Heralds may not use their own cash, checks, or money orders to pay for submissions for anyone other than their own immediate family. Incomplete packages will be held until the missing information is received.

    2.8 Golden Dolphin Herald

      2.8.1 Golden Dolphin shall be ultimately responsible for processing submissions received from residents of the Kingdom of Atlantia, including submissions received at authorized consult tables held outside the boundaries of the Kingdom (e.g., at Pennsic). This responsibility may not be delegated except with the explicit approval of Triton.

      2.8.2 Golden Dolphin may maintain whatever staff deemed necessary but will include Opal Pursuivant to manage Notifications in a timely fashion.

    2.9 Processing of Submissions

      2.9.1 All submissions received by Golden Dolphin shall be included on a Letter of Presentation, which shall be posted in the Atlantian Kingdom Garden on OSCAR (the Online System for Commentary And Response.) Such Letters of Presentation will normally be posted on a monthly basis. In no case will more than 60 days elapse between Letters of Presentation. Submissions without payment will be held from the Letter of Presentation until full payment has been made.

      2.9.2 After an appropriate period for commentary, Golden Dolphin will accept, return or pend each submission from the Letter of Presentation based on the commentary received and/or any independent research by Golden Dolphin or its staff.

      2.9.3 Accepted items will be forwarded for consideration to the College of Arms following the current requirements for submissions under the published policies of the Laurel Office. The only items which may be submitted to the College of Arms without appearing on a Letter of Presentation for the appropriate month are releases of previously registered materials, withdrawals or corrections of items previously submitted to the College of Arms, transfers of previously registered items by heraldic will or properly drawn transfer documents, or items which were pended from a previous Letter of Presentation for reasons which have been resolved.

      2.9.4 Golden Dolphin will be responsible for meeting all requirements of the Laurel Office with regard to provision of submissions forms, documentation and coordinating with Coral Branch to ensure payment for any submissions forwarded to the College of Arms for consideration.

      2.9.5 Items will be returned only for specific and unquestionable violations of the Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory (commonly called SENA), including problems of style, conflict with previously registered items or other issues that Golden Dolphin reasonably believes would prevent registration of the submission by the College of Arms.

      2.9.6 Items may be pended for incomplete paperwork, for clarification of the submitter's intent or for issues that may not be a specific violation of SENA but which Golden Dolphin feels might negatively affect the submission when considered by the College of Arms.

      2.9.7 Official notification of actions taken both in kingdom and by Laurel will be sent by Opal Pursuivant to each submitter via email using the Online System for Notifications function of OSCAR. Opal will use email, the kingdom e-list, Facebook pages and/or any other reasonable method of communication to contact submitters who do not respond to the initial notification e-mail.

      2.9.8 Opal will send US Postal Letters of Notification for any electronic notification that is not ‘picked up’ within 30 days of the initial email.

      2.9.9 Notifications will outline the result of the consideration of their submission at kingdom and then Laurel. Such Letters of Notification will specify the details of the submission in question and in the case of a return or pend indicate the reason for the action, offer advice and help to address the reasons for the action and specify the period within which the submitter may make a resubmission without payment of further fees.

    2.10 OSCAR Commenting

      2.10.1 The Triton Principal Herald and the Golden Dolphin Herald, current and past, shall be ex-officio members of both the College of Arms and OSCAR. They are expected to participate by following Atlantian submissions and providing support and defense for them and to support other kingdoms, Wreath and Pelican Sovereigns of Arms with commentary equal to the heralds’ skills.

      2.10.2 Members of Triton Staff, Golden Dolphin staff and all branch heralds are expected to have an account on OSCAR and to follow Atlantian submissions, and provide kingdom commentary equal to the herald’s skills.

      2.10.3 Since OSCAR participation is such an effective education tool for SCA heraldry, any warranted Atlantian herald who requests an account on OSCAR will be granted kingdom commenting privileges and Laurel read privileges without any commitment to commentary.

      2.10.4 Individuals with satisfactory commentary for three months or more in OSCAR may request Laurel commenting privileges which will be granted at the discretion of Triton.

      2.10.5 Heralds from other kingdoms may request Atlantian Garden commenting permissions which will be granted on a case-by-case basis at Triton’s discretion.

      2.10.6 OSCAR commentary represents both the Kingdom and the College. It is to be kept professional, polite, and relevant to the submissions. Commentary is to be held confidential. Specifics are to be discussed only with others with OSCAR privileges as comments out of context can be confusing and, occasionally, hurtful. Violation of these ideas will be grounds for revocation of commenting privileges.

    2.11 Reporting for Official Courts

      2.11.1 Official Courts are those courts convened by the Crown, Their Heirs or Coronets at official SCA events appearing on the kingdom calendar.

      2.11.2 The duties of the court herald are to assist the Crown, Their Heirs or Coronets with accurate information gathering and dissemination, proper court set up, docket management, providing the voice for court or other heraldic activities they may called upon to perform.

      2.11.3 It is the responsibility of the court herald to file a report listing all awards/orders bestowed during that court to the Crown, Their Heirs or Coronets within two weeks of the event, with copies being sent to Triton, Finsterwald, Undine and their Backlog Deputy.

      2.11.4 Official court reports must include the name(s) of the presiding Crown/Coronet, event name, event date, court time (if multiple courts held), herald’s name and a chronological listing of awards/orders given with the recipient's SCA name. Reports should also include recipients’ modern name, home branch, and whether the recipient received an original scroll or a promissory when possible. Reports should not be held late for lacking information such as modern names and branches. They should be filed in timely fashion and updates sent later if further information is found.

      2.11.5 It is recommended, but not required, that court heralds also prepare a Court Report that lists and/or describes all activities and events that occurred during the court, for public dissemination. Modern names must not be included in this narrative report.

    2.12 Silent Heraldry

      2.12.1 The Silent Heralds provide a volunteer service to those who have difficulty hearing the activities during court.

      2.12.2 Silent Heralds are fully warranted heralds in the Atlantian College of Heralds, and are authorized to participate in all heraldic activities subject to the policies of the Silent Herald Deputy (Alcyon Pursuivant) as described in the Silent Heralds Handbook.

      2.12.3 Silent Heralds must meet the requirements as outlined in the Silent Heralds Handbook, and must undergo a period of training/evaluation of demeanor/confirmation of possession the basic skills required and be approved by the Silent Herald Deputy or a designated deputy.

      2.12.4 The Triton Principal Herald and the Silent Deputy Herald are the final authority on the granting or suspension of a Silent Herald’s warrant.

    2.13 The College of Scribes

      2.13.1 The College of Scribes is responsible for the production of scrolls for subjects of Atlantia and for other Kingdom documents that the Crown may request under the direction of Undine Pursuivant the Clerk Signet. Undine is solely responsible for the assignment of scrolls to the College of Scribes.

      2.13.2 Membership in the SCA, Inc., is not required for award recipients to receive scrolls. Membership in the SCA, Inc., is not required in order to be an active scribe.

      2.13.3 Scribes are expected to maintain valid contact information with Undine or a designated deputy. Inability to locate scribes may result in released assignments.

      2.13.4 Award recipients who no longer participate in Society functions may have their scrolls completed on a lesser priority to those awards received by active participants.

      2.13.5 All scrolls should be inspected and verified by Undine before being presented for signature and/or seal by the Crown and/or Triton Herald. The accuracy of scrolls not inspected and verified by Undine shall be the responsibility of those signing the scrolls. The Crowns signing are responsible only for the verification of the award bestowed to the recipient. Triton or authorized individuals signing for Triton are responsible to ensure the name, blazon and emblazon are properly registered as noted on the scroll. Only those scribes who have been specifically authorized by Triton and Undine may sign Triton’s name to a scroll, in the absence of Triton.

      2.13.6 Scrolls for all award recipients who have registered names and arms may include a blazon and display of those arms, and will include text of verification by Triton below the Royal signature (“Verum Est”). If the recipient does not have a registered name and/or device they may receive a scroll with the text “known as" with the name they are known by, no depiction of arms, and no verification by Triton.

      2.13.7 In cases where scrolls are delivered directly to the recipient, responsibility for obtaining signature/seal by the Crown (and Triton as needed) falls to the recipient.

      2.13.8 Until an award is announced in court, the scroll for it is considered an assignment. All assignments are the responsibility of Undine, unless otherwise directed by the current Monarchs. All scroll assignments and their contents are to remain confidential until the scroll is presented in court. Violations of this confidentiality may result in the offending scribe losing the privilege of receiving advance assignments.

      2.13.9 All scrolls, once given to Undine, the official court herald or other Royal representative, become the property of the Kingdom until they are delivered to the recipient.

      2.13.10 Private commissions are permitted and encouraged. Undine must be notified of the commission to prevent duplicate assignments. Neither Undine nor the Office of the Clerk Signet has any responsibility or authority to ensure that the commissioned scroll meets current guidelines. A privately commissioned scroll is defined as "a scroll production done via an agreement between a scribe and an interested person." This agreement may or may not include direct compensation or exchange of services. Scrolls are commissioned only after an award is announced in court.

      2.13.11 The Scrivener Royal is a Kingdom Notable chosen through competition overseen by the Undine Pursuivant. The position is held for a 6 month term, changing at each Coronation. Duties are to be a scribal assistant to the Crown and the Signet Office, primarily dealing with scroll production and any special scribal needs at events. The Crown may have additional duties which They wish for the Scrivener Royal to perform.

    2.14 Financial Policy

      2.14.1 These financial policies are in addition to the Society Financial Policies and Atlantian Kingdom policies and should be followed as if incorporated into Kingdom Law. This Policy is superseded by: Kingdom Exchequer Policy, Kingdom Financial Policy, Kingdom Law, Society Exchequer Policy, Corpora, State, and Federal Law. This policy may be changed by unanimous vote of the College of Heralds Financial Committee with approval of the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer.

      2.14.2 The exchequer of the College of Heralds & Scribes is the Coral Branch Pursuivant and will maintain a working knowledge of laws and policies involving the use and control of the College of Heralds & Scribes assets, both financial and tangible.

      2.14.3 Coral Branch will preserve all records and produce all reports required by Society or Kingdom policy with the assistance of the Kingdom Exchequer where required; serves as a signatory on the bank account of the Atlantian College of Heralds & Scribes; and serves on the CoHS Financial Committee.

      2.14.4 The College of Heralds & Scribes will maintain a checking account at an appropriate banking institution. Two signatures will be required on any check. The Kingdom Exchequer, Triton Principal Herald, Coral Branch Pursuivant, and Golden Dolphin Herald must be signatories on the 2.14.4. account. Other signatories may be added for the efficient management of the CoHS's funds at the discretion of the CoHS Financial Committee and the Kingdom Exchequer. In accordance with Society and Kingdom financial policy, no two signatories may reside in the same household and no debit or ATM card may be associated with any account.

      2.14.5 Coral Branch will report directly to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer in all financial matters. All reports should be made on the approved quarterly report forms. All required forms must be attached and completed when the form is submitted; this includes copies of all bank statements for that quarter. The Triton Principal Herald and the College of Heralds Exchequer should sign the report. Signed copies of the report should be sent to the Kingdom Exchequer and the Triton Principal Herald for retention in their files. Coral Branch should also retain a signed copy of the report as part of the permanent exchequer files.

      2.14.6 Quarterly reports and the annual end-of-year (Domesday) report are due according to the deadlines established by the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer. Extensions may be granted if the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer is contacted in advance. Failure to report by the due date will cause the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer to contact the Triton Principal Herald to give notice of Coral Branch’s suspension. The Triton Principal Herald will be informed of what is required to lift the suspension. Electronic copies of the quarterly reports may be sent to the Kingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer as proof that the report was completed on time. However, the paper copy must be sent once the appropriate signatures are obtained.

      2.14.7 The Golden Dolphin Herald will maintain a monthly record of all deposits made to include the date of deposit, the modern name of the submitter, the SCA name of the submitter, the address of the submitter, as well as the amount received and the type of submission (names, badges and arms). This information will be forwarded to Coral Branch on a monthly basis, to be received no later than two weeks after the end of each month. Deposits made by Golden Dolphin must be reconciled against bank statements within one week of the receipt of the list from Golden Dolphin.

      2.14.8 Income to the College of Heralds & Scribes is primarily derived from heraldic submissions received at consultation tables and/or sent to Golden Dolphin by warranted heralds or other authorized individuals. Donations may also be received for specified heraldic purposes, e.g., purchase of books, creation of regalia, etc. Specific donations should be recorded and tracked as special funds if appropriate. All deposits of submissions fees, event fees, or any other funds received by the College of Heralds & Scribes shall be made in a timely manner.

      2.14.9 The College of Heralds Financial Committee must be comprised of the Triton Principal Herald, the Golden Dolphin Herald and the Coral 2.14.9. Branch Pursuivant. Additional members may be included at the discretion of these three officers with the permission of the Kingdom Exchequer. All CoHS Financial Committee members must maintain current membership in the SCA, Inc.

      2.14.10 Meetings of the College of Heralds & Scribes Financial Committee may be held in person, by telephone or by electronic means (e.g., by exchange of email). If such meetings are held in person or by telephone, it is the responsibility of the Coral Branch Pursuivant to create and preserve a written record of all decisions of the committee. If the meeting is held by email, then Coral Branch may opt to retain copies of all relevant emails as the permanent record of the meeting.

      2.14.11 Routine administrative expenditures of the office of the Triton Principal Herald and its staff required by College of Arms and/or College of Heralds policy do not require specific pre-authorization by the CoHS Financial Committee. Such expenditures include purchase of supplies and postage for submissions notification letters, routine College of Arms and/or College of Heralds correspondence and/or payment of submissions fees to the College of Arms.

      2.14.12 All other expenditures, including purchase of books, office supplies and other materials by the office of the Triton Principal Herald and its staff, require pre- authorization by a vote of no less than two-thirds of the CoHS Financial Committee, one of whom must be the Triton Principal Herald. In cases of emergency, any two of the three required officers on the CoHS Financial Committee (Triton Principal Herald, Golden Dolphin Herald and Coral Branch Pursuivant) may authorize expenditures without a meeting of the College of Heralds & Scribes Financial Committee as a whole.

    2.15 College of Heralds Sponsored Events

      2.15.1 Potential autocrats shall present a written, itemized budget for an event to the College of Heralds & Scribes Financial Committee at least three months prior to the event date and before any expenditure for the event is made and before the event flyer has been published. The CoHS Financial Committee must authorize any itemized expenditure in excess of the approved amount. The budget may include provisions to waive gate and feast fees for sitting Monarchs, Their Heirs, and the event's Autocrat/Event Steward, Head Gatekeeper/Troll and Head Cook.

      2.15.2 The Coral Branch Pursuivant must receive event-related receipts and requests for reimbursement within fourteen days of the event.

      2.15.3 Event refund requests must be received in writing no later than ten days after the event. Feast refund may be provided if the feast spot was resold to another attendee. All refunds shall be paid by check from the group's checking account. No refund shall be issued until the event books have been closed and all reservation checks have cleared. No funds shall be removed from the cash box except as change for funds received.

      2.15.4 The event financial report shall be completed by the event autocrat and presented to the College of Heralds & Scribes Financial Committee after the event books have been closed.


    • Cian Triton – 08/04/15
    • Andrewe Laurel, Sovereign King of the College of Arms – 08/13/2015
    • Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon, Atlantian Clerk of Law – 09/19/2015
    • Their Royal Majesties Christoph and Adelhait, King and Queen of Atlantia – 11/20/2015