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Encompassing all of the warranted heralds in Atlantia, the College of Heralds and its members strive to bring heraldic excellence to the people of Atlantia. Through education, consultation, and the rendering of heraldic services, Atlantia's heralds are dedicated to promoting the proper use of heraldry throughout the entire Kingdom.

There simply aren't words to describe the impact that heralds and heraldry have on the Society. And that means that heralds are in a position to positively affect the pageantry that makes our events so spectacular. Whether it's heralding Courts, crying the fighters onto the Lists, guiding a person towards their own, unique name and armory, or helping a scribe create an amazing piece of art - everything we do in the Society is touched by heraldry. If you're interested in becoming a part of that legacy, please consider becoming a warranted herald of Atlantia.

This website has been designed to give you easy access to many items that will facilitate your search for heraldic information both throughout the Society and for Atlantia, specifically, whether you are a herald in the College or not.

Quarterly Reporting

All warranted heralds (branch & at-large), unless given special dispensation by Triton, must file quarterly reports. Quarterly reports should be sent to Triton with courtesy copies going to the local seneschal for branch heralds.

Reports are due on the following schedule:
Quarter 1 (Jan 1 - Mar 31) due on Apr 30
Quarter 2 (Apr 1 - Jun 30) due on Jul 31
Quarter 3 (Jul 1 - Sep 30) due on Oct 31
Quarter 4 (Oct 1 - Dec 31) due on Jan 31

File your quarterly report online. You will be taken to a Google Form. You will receive a copy of your submitted report for your records.

Even though reminders will go out, reporting is ultimately the responsibility of each individual herald. Missing two reports in a row will be considered a resignation of warrant and that person will be removed from the roster.

Can't find the information you're looking for? Please, do not hesitate to contact a member of the College of Heralds for assistance.

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