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Quarterly Reporting Schedule

All warranted heralds (branch & at-large), unless given special dispensation by Triton, must file quarterly reports. Quarterly reports should be sent to Triton with courtesy copies going to the local seneschal for branch heralds.

Reports are due on the following schedule:
Quarter covers
Jan 1 - Mar 31
Apr 1 - Jun 30
Jul 1 - Sep 30
Oct 1 - Dec 31
Report due
Apr 30
Jul 31
Oct 31
Jan 31

Click HERE to file your quarterly report online. You will be taken to a Google Form. If you have no activity to report but want to retain your warrant, just fill in the first section, check no activity, and then submit the form. You will receive a copy of your submitted report for your records.

Missing two reports in a row may be considered a resignation of warrant and that person will be removed from the roster.

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