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Submissions Forms and Notes

All submissions must be sent to Ibis by a warranted member of the Atlantian College of Heralds within fourteen (14) days of receiving them.

Ibis contact information

If you download the forms in PDF format and find that they do not meet the size requirements, you will need to check the print settings in the Acrobat software you are using to view and print the forms. You should NOT use any form of print scaling or "Fit to Page" option. If the printer options or the Acrobat options have a "Fit to Page" box checked, uncheck it. If you are using Acrobat 7, the Page Scaling option under Page Handling should be set to "None".

Fillable PDF Forms

These forms can be filled out using your computer and saved. Information filled in will be saved.

Print Only Forms

The forms below must be printed and filled out by hand.

Review the Guide to Successful Submissions for instructions on copies, money and where to send your forms.

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