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Guide to Successful Submissions: Submissions Packet

This guide is intended to provide an overview of what is required for a successful heraldic submission. It does not attempt to replace the Administrative Handbook or SENA (Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory), but rather provide a guide to what is required and a checklist of common pitfalls to avoid. Consult SCA College of Arms - Rules and Regulations for more information. Consulting heralds should read and be familiar with the content of this page. Please ask questions of your senior heralds if you have them!

Sending in Your Submission

  • Forms and payment should be sent to Ibis.
    • Items which are acceptable for electronic submission may be sent via email to covel.jennifer AT gmail.com.
    • Items which require physical copies may be mailed or hand-delivered to:
      Atlantia Submissions
      1416 Loghouse St.
      Wake Forest, NC 27587
    • Use of express or postal services which require a signature will NOT be accepted!
  • Atlantia requires physical copies of the following items:
    • One black and white line drawing for each armorial submission
    • One colored emblazon for each armorial submission
    • Anything that requires a legal signature (Permission to Conflict, Heraldic Will, Proof of Support for Branch Name or Armory, etc.)
  • If sending an electronic submission, a copy of the Submissions Cover Letter should be included with both the electronic submission and the mailed payment.
  • Use only the Atlantian forms.
  • Make Sure the forms are the right size
  • Make sure all information is legible, accurate and complete
  • All forms MUST have a Society Name, Legal Name, email address, and postal address information in order to be processed.
  • The boxes that indicate whether the current submission is a new submission or a resubmission must be filled in

Ensuring That the Forms Are the Right Size:

This is particularly important for the armory forms where the emblazon area (shield for devices, square for badges) must meet specific size restrictions set by the Laurel Office. These restrictions appear on the form itself immediately adjacent to the emblazon area. Before you start to fill in the forms use a ruler to make sure the emblazon area meets the size requirements.

If you download the forms in PDF format and find that they do not meet the size requirements, you will need to check the print settings in the PDF software you are using to view and print the forms. You should NOT use any form of print scaling or "Fit to Page" option.

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