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Guide to Successful Submissions: Frequently Asked Questions

This guide is intended to provide an overview of what is required for a successful heraldic submission. It does not attempt to replace the Administrative Handbook or SENA, only to give you a guide to what is required and a checklist of common pitfalls to avoid. The full rules may be found at Consulting heralds should read and be familiar with the content of this page. Please ask questions of your senior heralds if you have them!

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought we were trying to do electronic submissions. Am I reading right that the only form we can submit electronically is the names one? What's up with that?
We are actually trying to move towards electronic submissions. We're at the very beginning of that journey. Expect more to come, but don't be surprised if it seems slow to do so.
Why do you have to be a warranted herald to submit a device?
Warrants are required for two reasons:
1) Warranted heralds are involved with the College and should be acquainted with the rules for submitting names and devices in the SCA. The process can be complicated and a warranted herald should either know or know where to find the answers to help guide you through.
2) Submissions involve accepting and passing on money. A warranted herald can be held accountable to some degree for ensuring those funds are properly handled.