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Guide to Successful Submissions: Names

This guide is intended to provide an overview of what is required for a successful heraldic submission. It does not attempt to replace the Administrative Handbook or SENA, only to give you a guide to what is required and a checklist of common pitfalls to avoid. The full rules may be found at Consulting heralds should read and be familiar with the content of this page. Please ask questions of your senior heralds if you have them!

Requirements for Name submissions

  • One copy of a properly-filled out name form
  • Documentation for each element of the name
    • Each source must have:
      • The name of the source
      • The heading under which the element is referenced, if applicable
      • If not organized with readily accessible headings, a page number or other method of finding the data should be included
      • The text that is relevant to the element being documented
    • For sources which are not on the 'No-Photocopy' list, also provide:
      • The author's name
      • A copy of the title page
    • For Internet sources:
      • A complete URL must be provided
      • The author and source of the page, to the extent that is known
        • Examples:
        • [name element]: [Title], [Author(s)], [URL]
          [quote from page of relevant information]
        • Hungarian Bynames: SCA Heralds' Name articles, What is an SCA name by Master Jasper Greensmith of the Seagirt Glen and Dame Zenobia Naphtali,
          Most names within the S.C.A.'s period have two parts, a given name and a byname. A given name is a personal name (such as Caitlin, Rhys, Wulfric, or Elizabeth) which your parents would give you. (We don't call it a first name because it doesn't always come first. In Hungarian, for instance, the bynames come first, before the given name.)
        • Gabriel: Academy of Ste. Gabriel letter 3349, Gabriel, by Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle,,
          The given name is found in England as early as the twelfth century: 1199, 1212, and 1296. [1, 2] It is a fine given name for your desired time period.
      • A saved copy of the page and the date when it was gathered.
    • Each item above may be provided either in an electronic scanned version or a printout mailed to Golden Dolphin.
    • It is very helpful to Golden Dolphin to get the text of all documentation in a format that can be cut-and-pasted into OSCAR. Saved pages should be saved in PDF format for easy pasting into OSCAR as well.
    • It is NOT required that a submitter fill in the boxes on the name forms restricting changes, specifying a desired gender and/or requesting authenticity.
    • Leaving all these boxes blank significantly increases the likelihood of registration.
    • Note that requesting authenticity specifically authorizes changes to the name to bring it in alignment with period style as currently understood by the College of Arms.
    • The box that indicates what type of name is involved should also be filled in to avoid delay in processing.
    • Branch, Order, Household, and Award names have additional requirements. Please see SENA NPN