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Guide to Successful Submissions: Payments

This guide is intended to provide an overview of what is required for a successful heraldic submission. It does not attempt to replace the Administrative Handbook or SENA (Standards for Evaluation of Names and Armory), but rather provide a guide to what is required and a checklist of common pitfalls to avoid. Consult SCA College of Arms - Rules and Regulations for more information. Consulting heralds should read and be familiar with the content of this page. Please ask questions of your senior heralds if you have them!


  • Payment of $10/item is due at submission time
  • No further payment is required for resubmissions of a previous submission that has been pended or returned.
  • Payment may be provided by check or money order payable to SCA Inc, College of Heralds of Atlantia
  • Do NOT send cash through the mail!
  • For entirely electronic submissions, include an electronic copy of the Submissions Cover Letter that will be delivered with the payment.
  • Submitters may make checks or money orders out directly to the College of Heralds as noted above.
  • If an Atlantian herald accepts cash for a submission:
    • The cash must be turned over to a warranted exchequer.
    • The exchequer will deposit the funds into the appropriate group bank account and send a check to the College of Heralds.
    • They will include the transaction on the group's quarterly and annual financial reports as a transfer within the kingdom.
    • Heralds may NOT write checks or buy money orders on behalf of submitters; the funds must flow through an approved Society account and not a personal account.
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